Als Paul über das Meer kam: Tagebuch einer Begegnung


The story of an unusual friendship at the height of the European "refugee crisis".

Paul has made his way from his home in Cameroon across the Sahara to the Moroccan coast where he now lives in a forest waiting for the right moment to cross the Mediterranean. There, he meets Jakob, a filmmaker from Berlin. Soon after their meeting, Paul manages to cross over to Spain on an inflatable boat, but loses half of his companions on this tragic 50-hour odyssey. Upon Paul’s release from a detention centre, Jakob meets up with him again at a Red Cross shelter in Granada. The filmmaker decides to actively help the refugee and documents his journey across Europe.

Als Paul über das Meer kam is the first film that manages to encompass all aspects of the current European debate on migration, including those of border protection agencies such as Frontex, in a moving and illustrative way, using the fate of one individual. Thanks to Paul Nkamani, director Jakob Preuss manages to put a face to the questions surround the “refugee crisis”.

The screening will be followed by a discussion lead by film experts and professionals.

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Germany, 2017 / 97 min / German OV with French subt. / Documentary
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