e-Lake Festival 2019


e-Lake is an annual music festival. The festival takes place every second weekend of august at lake Echternach. e-Lake is a 3-day music festival (2015 even 4 days !) with foreign and local bands & DJs. The confirmed artists are:

Bosse, Motrip, Querbeat, De Läb, Brett, The Disliked, District 7, Heartbeat Parade, Wilczynski, Trappers, Edel Weis, Maka Mc, Le Vibe, Nicool,
Cosmic Gate, Ben Nicky, Mark Sixma, Gayle San, Jay Deep, Waztoo, Netty Hugo, Danth b2b Youree, Al-x, Iq Talo, Krag, Amfa b2b IH4xx3R, Ronny Muller, Thierry_W b2b Patrice, Annina b2b Lucia, Leon Peiya, Owsley b2b Junior, Fade, Benjamin Parx
Schëppe Siwen, Toxkäpp!, Steve R.I.O.T. b2b Dr. Gonzo