A laboratory for democracy   
Like a real laboratory, Den DemokratieLabo invites you to experiment, to discuss and to discover what democracy means to you. In doing so, visitors research, test and examine a specific object of observation: democracy. Democracy is not “fixed” but an ever-evolving process, that thrives off of a multiplicity of opinions. Open questions and conflicts are a core element in this process.  
Visitors in Den Demokratielabo are invited to (re)think and discuss various societal questions and by doing so to discover what their own role might or can be within a democracy. 
How does the exhibition work?    
The laboratory consists of 16 modules with a total of 61 terminals. Similar to experiments in science laboratories, Den DemokratieLabo promotes an active attitude: visitors press buttons, pull levers or spin discs. The activities allow participants not only to learn about democratic processes, but also to experience them through interaction and discussion. They take a stand on current issues related to the daily life of people in Luxembourg. The exhibition wants to initiate dialogue by inviting the participants to express their opinions, but also to discuss and question them. Thus, it is highly desirable to touch the elements of the exhibition and discuss its contents! Den DemokratieLabo can be visited on its own or, even better, with friends or family.  

A wide range of topics on democracy and coexistence in Luxembourg   
The exhibition addresses issues like polarisation, social change, integration, the role of the media, elements of the rule of law, human rights, identity(ies), prejudice, freedom, inequality and justice in Luxembourg. The example of the Second World War illustrates how a dictatorship works. The focus lies on living together and society. The questions at the forefront are not “How are elections held? “or “How is a government composed? “but “What is my opinion? “and “What do we do when we disagree? “. Visitors explore areas of tension in a democratic society and realize, “This has something to do with me! “.

What is special about Den DemokratieLabo of the ZpB?   
Den DemokratieLabo is interactive. Visitors interact with the exhibits and with each other. In this way, complex questions about democracy and society are conveyed in a lively way – they become tangible in the true sense of the word.    
No preparation is necessary. No previous knowledge is required to visit the exhibition.   
Self-guided tour of the laboratory. The exhibition is self-guided: visitors don’t need anyone to visit the exhibition.  
Guidance. A notepad serves as a guide. A mediator is available to answer questions.   
Self-correcting tasks, but no instructions! Visitors get answers to some questions in the exhibition itself. But most of the questions remain open-ended, as do the results. Doubt and reflection are wanted! It is not about giving right or wrong answers, or giving the desired answers.   
Teamwork. Although you can explore the laboratory on your own, it is advisable to go through the exhibition in groups of two or three people. The exchange of opinions and discussion with others is important.   
The laboratory has a lasting effect. At the end of the lab visit, visitors enter their notes on their research using a touch tablet and they receive a lab report summarizing their results. It is intended to evoke the visit and to encourage visitors to further reflect on the experience.  
Target audience   
Age: from 12 years on. Den DemokratieLabo is for adolescents?e?s, young adults and adults.   
An interactive exhibition in three languages: German, English and French.  
Opening hours: Mon-Thu, 10:00-18:00; Fri (Trifo Apéro) from 17:00 on
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2 Porte St. Willlibrord

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Friday, 30 July 2021 - Thursday, 26 August 2021


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