S6 Charly Gaul A

S6 Charly Gaul A

This demanding tour is known because of the race of the same name, organized in Echternach every year in September. The 160 km offer plenty of athletic challenges. The first 10 km run uphill. From Graulinster the tour passes through the valley of the Black Ernz until Bettel. After that comes a nearly 10 km long, exhausting climb before leading through the medieval town of Vianden, famous for its castle. The route continues over beautiful plateaus. After a short slope behind Hoscheid, you can use the descent to regain power for the second half of the tour that remains challenging. After passing through the hilly landscape of the Luxembourgish Ardennes, the tour takes you back to the Mullerthal Region through the villages of Larochette, Christnach and Consdorf. The last kilometers run comfortably along the Sûre until Echternach.

Photo: © Mullerthal Cycling / Lutz


Distance : 161.59 km

Altitude : 2600 m

Difficulty :

General information

S6 Charly Gaul A

L-6460 Echternach
W : http://www.mullerthal.lu
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