Auto-pédestre trail Echternach Centre

Auto-pédestre trail Echternach Centre

This hiking paths combines old town flair in Echternach with the discovery of imposing rock formations, rustic forests and some relaxation on the banks of the Sûre.

The hike starts in the middle of Echternach, at the Basilica. The first ascent of the path is tough but you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of Echternach from Trooskneepchen.

You continue through the forest towards the imposing "Wollefsschlucht" where you should stop and admire the imposing rock formations. If you come from Echternach, you can then take up on the left towards the lookout point "Paulsplatte" or you go up on your right side to "Bildcheslee" offering a wonderful on the river Sûre.

The second half of the path leads downhill, first along the renatured Aesbaach and then down to the Sûre. You follow the river until you get to the municipal park of Echternach. You get back to your starting point.


Starting point : Echternach: Basilika

Arrival : Echternach: Basilika

Distance : 6,884 km

Highest point 295 m

Time : 02h01

Difficulty :

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Auto-pédestre trail Echternach Centre

B.P. 152
L-6402 Echternach
T : 00352 72 04 57 1
E :
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