Rock formation "Wollefsschlucht"

Rock formation "Wollefsschlucht"

Imposing rock gorge with rock walls rising up to 50 m in height.

One of the most spectacular natural monuments of Luxembourg's Little Switzerland is the "Wollefsschlucht" - wolf gorge - near Echternach. The structure and stratification of the Luxembourg sandstone can be seen very well on the rock faces rising up to a height of 50 meters. The gigantic canyon was created when blocks of Luxembourg sandstone separated from the sandstone plateau along valley-parallel crevices. The clayey marl layer under the sandstone accumulates the invading water and lets the sandstone blocks topple and slip into the valley.

At the entrance of the gorge the so-called "Needle of Cleopatra" a high obelisk-like rock needle rises. The gorge got its characteristic name only in 1881 by an excursionist from Trier, earlier it was called "devil’s loophole" - "Däiwelsschoart" in the Echternach dialect. A hidden treasure is said to be in the gorge, and an old legend says that it is guarded by a black dog with sparkling eyes. However, the dog is a haunted count, who is said to have dedicated his soul to the devil. He wanted to own even more gold and silver so that he was turned into a dog. If a child throws a rosary into the crevice, it can not only save the count, but also gets the treasure. Two boys from Echternach, who knew about the legend, even saw the treasure box through the crevice but did not have a consecrated rosary with them. They hurried home to fetch one, but when they returned everything was gone.

The Wollefsschlucht is crossed by Route 2 of the Mullerthal Trail. The path is also local hiking trail E1, Auto-pédestre, national trail "Maurice Cosyn path", Eifel-Ardennes path and NaturWanderPark deluxe tour "Felsenweg 1" at the same time.

Closest bus stop: Echternach, Fielsmillen (900m)
Closest parking lot: Echternach, Parking Trooskneppchen (900m)

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Rock formation "Wollefsschlucht"

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